Saturday, May 1, 2010

Current Guard List

So I played a game last night. A friendly but competitive game, although there were a lot of shenanigans on both sides (forgetting to do stuff, terrible dice) it made me want to redo my regular list as I tried out a few new things.

New things I tried:
Autocannon/plasma vets
As opposed to the 5 pts cheaper 3x melta lascannon vets. They put the hurt on light tanks and characters. Its a lot of st7 fire. Only problem was I had plenty of st 7 elsewhere. I wasn't that impressed.
Plasma CCS
This was the MVP of the game, costing 110 pts and killing well over 500 points worth of stuff, including thunder wolves, and then terminators that drop podded in (mystics). Mass plasma fire is great, and I like that the unit is nice and effiecient.

These guys are crap. I swore to never take them a long time ago then I started to lately just for fun. Remembering why I swore way back when. There is too much anti psychic stuff, too much ATSKNF out there.

New List
So with that game under my belt and sleeping on it, here is a new list:

CCS 4x plasma Officer of the Fleet
Beast. I would like to try using a medic sometime, but no points for it here. a 5+4+ would go a long way to keeping the unit alive from Gets Hot. I would rather shoot with 3 over the entire game than lose some early. That would require some testing though. OoTF goes here because the other CCS tends to zoom off.

CCS 4x Melta
Chimera HHF
These guys only go in the Chimera if there are NO deep striking elements in the opponents army. Otherwise they go in the vendetta, scout forward 24", and shoot melta first turn. In the vendetta, these are basically my "reach out and poke a tank" unit so my other stuff can eat whats inside. Poor mans Logan/MM Long Fangs/Drop Pod.
Veterans 3x melta Lascannon
Chimera HHF
Veterans 3x melta Lascannon
Chimera HHF
Veterans 3x melta Lascannon
Chimera HHF
Veterans 3x melta Lascannon
Chimera HHF
My favorite type of Veterans. They are efficient in that they benefit from sitting back on the objective, unlike the melta vets you usually see which have to blaze forward in order to do anything. I prefer a guard army that you have to weather through, coming from your DZ, in order to get to the soft stuff. And when you do get there, you have 12 meltas among 11 Heavy Flamers to greet you.

Inquisitor Psychic Hood, Emporers Tarot
2x Mystics
Thanks to my WC buddy Dave I have been playing this since the book came out. If the opponent has deep strikers or is a Demon army, scout forward slightly and then cover the board with the mystics range. ET helps in going first, which is a huge benefit. The hood doesn't stop every power but for the points it cuts down what will get through. If the enemy has no deep striking elements these guys go in the CCS Chimera.

2x Hydra HHF
Anti tank and infantry. I always shoot these first to pop Rhinos and such so the Medusas and others can drop pie on them.

2x Medusa HHF
I like camo netting on them but there are no points for it here. Camo isnt efficient at all but it seems like I roll 3s 50% of the time for vehicle cover saves and it has paid off in almost every game.

Manticore HHF
Delicious pie.