Saturday, May 29, 2010


I am moving soon! I can't wait. Not only is the house bigger, but it's back in my hometown and I get the basement to work in and have a game room. Between my college back when and my GF's schooling that is just finishing up, I have waited 7 years to finally have my own permanent place and not live out of a suitcase. Many of you know the pain I have been through only being able to get mail once on the weekends when I went home.

On top of that it's no longer in the city. Fresh air..

So I have been going over all my terrain. I didnt realize how much 40k terrain I have. The peices in the little city shot I did for my Krieg are about 5 out of 20 peices, and those are some of the smallest. One is at least 1'x1' and 2' tall. I got them all in an auction a while back and only painted up a few to take pictures on. The rest I had forgot about, stored in seperate places. I also have all those shipping crates..

I am getting back into Fantasy personally, so I have been shopping around for terrain. I posted on Dakka and Warseer, so feel free to follow along and check out sweet terrain with me.

I also bought a good bit of GW terrain: the skull shrine, some plastic hills, and some fences (which was supposed to be another hill, but I will put those to good use.) They are all really nice, and in a recent work order I threw on 2 watchtowers, a chapel, and a LoTR ruin or two. Buying terrain is expensive, but if you think about it you only do it once, it lasts a long time if it is plastic or resin, and it makes your games better. Why spend so much time painting then play on felt and cardboard?

Anyway, no update for this week, I am painting away on a HUGE Space Wolf army that is coming along well. The infantry are about done, on schedule, and after that its off to paint the tanks and display tray.

Until next time..