Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Moving Sale!

(PLEASE NOTE: I goofed. I forgot to list the troopers until now (7/5) Find them below)
Hey everyone.

Ive moved and upon doing so been able to reflect on what projects I have going, and I have too many. This one is lowest on the totem pole since I already have so many 40k armies so it gets the axe!

Here is what it contains:
Logan Grimnar
Njal in Power Armor
Rune Priest
Wolf Priest Ulrik
TH SS Jump Pack Wolf Lord
TH SS Bike Wolf Lord
Power Fist Lord

10 TH SS Terminators
5 Twin Wolf Claw Terminators
4 Wolf Claw SS Terminators
1 Frost Axe SS Terminator

Long Fangs:
11 Lascannon (cool conversions using marauder heads and weapons here)
10 Missile Launchers
5 Plasma Cannons
1 Heavy Bolter
2 Pack Leaders (cool conversions)

Grey Hunters/Blood Claws:
20 BP/CCW or Bolter marines
4 Meltagun marines
3 marines with plasma pistols
1 Fist

10 Swiftclaw Assault including a TH and a PF

10 Bikes PLUS one bike with fist

2 Assault Cannon/Wolf Claw Dreads

Picture Attached, click for a larger image.

The only thing with a bit of paint is a few Devs. These were the first of the army and I did a quick color test with the airbrush. It is thus very thin and will prime over just fine. A lot of the troopers are on Dragon Forge resin bases.

Retail is about $850. That does NOT include ALL those heavy weapons. As we all know those had to be bit ordered. I figured the retail price by just putting regular Dev squads into the cart on the GW site, even though you cant make this out of them.

I would like to get $600 shipped or best offer. This is geared towards tournament play and has a lot of the goodies that are must haves like the 10 MLs and LCs.

I am also listing this on Bartertown if you prefer to trade there for the reference :)

See you all soon! Moving took a lot longer than expected, so I am just taking this week to assemble everything I have to do for a few months. Not enough time to paint those sisters. I will have pictures of my Pirate game room in a few days, all I have to move now is my turtle!