Monday, July 12, 2010

Warhammer Collector's Edition

It has it's own box!

Today the FLGS owner had a big surprise for me - the Collector's Edition Warhammer Fantasy rulebook. I was surprised by the packaging, a special cardboard box, but upon inspection of the book I could see why.

It's hefty and almost 3" thick. It is thicker than the standard rulebook due to the thicker rag style paper. I am a sucker for old fashioned books. I own probably a dozen of those boxes designed to look like old books, with the faux leather. So I was very excited when I popped it open. It also fits my game room decor very well.

The clasp doesn't hinge like I thought it did, but that's probably a good thing considering the weight of the book. Its a snug fitting piece of metal that, thanks to a bit of give in the leather cover, holds very snugly.

The spine is embossed in gold.

Just about the most insignificant number possible :) Oh well. It is very cool that they are numbered.

Three tassels for marking pages will come in handy, and the pages are GORGEOUS. The matte finish of the rag paper makes the color of the artwork very rich and antique looking.

Obligatory John Blanche.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I went into it with little knowledge other than "it's old fashioned looking." I would no doubt order it again given the chance. $125 is hefty for a book, however I think it is worth the $50 over the regular book. Considering the high class art direction and the quality of the design and materials, I feel it is a good deal. It's almost 3" thick after all!

I look forward to reading the fluff, which is a hefty portion of the book.