Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eldar Warhost Part 1

Wraithlord "Avatar" for an upcoming army.

Hey everyone

I have been pretty quiet the past couple weeks. On top of trying to catch up with some side work I also have been distracted by a new (to me) truck, which I have always wanted and have been toying around with in the evening when I have some spare time. In the end it will be very pirate themed and I will post it when it's closer to being done. I don't have many hobbies outside of Warhammer so it is a nice break in my rare spare time.

Anyway, there won't be any updates this week or the following two. I'm doing an Eldar army that's so big it's taking up all three! This week is assembly, and then I will start paint hopefully Sunday. Since there won't be any updates I plan on keeping a little sneak peek log here with snippets as I go along. I am sending them to the client and thought I would share them here too.

Here is a rough list of what is in it:
Forge World:
3 of the smaller fliers (name escapes me right now) with dragon forge flying bases.
Scorpion Tank

Eldrad (one of my part Eldrad part Farseer conversions)
Limited Edition Autarch (very cool!)
Jump pack Autarch

20 Wraithguard with 2 Seers
10 Warlocks
20 Striking Scorpions with 4 Exarchs
10 Pathfinders
20 Dire Avengers
10 Harlies
10 Warp Spiders
12 Fire Dragons

5 Wave Serpents

3 Wraithlords

It's basically three parts, an Iyanden force (Wraith items and Titan) and Yriel's pirate force (mainly blue with yellow and white, most everything else) and then the Scorpions and Karandras are a smaller smoky grey subsection. All told it is one big army with three elements.

So stay tuned and I will be posting lots of little tastes before the big update in a couple weeks. I'm very excited, this is quite the dream army!