Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loaded Up and Trukkin'

I went ahead and did most of the small details on these two Trukks. I was going to wait and do the riders when I do the infantry but I realized all I am really worried about is the skin matching. The other colors are easy enough to match. So I will do the skin and the bone colors (as most of them go over the finished green) later on down the line. I will likely also add dags and other freehand at the end, but I want to wait and see where the infantry go in terms of paint. I also want to wait and decide lens colors later as well.

There will be more riders on each of these, especially the topped Trakk. I decided to do them seperately mid way into adding them to these two vehicles. The Trukk will have a gunner in the cab and a couple more in the bed. The Trakk has a couple up top and a few in the bed as well.

Now onto the next part, I think the Tanker.

Looking back at the pictures, please forgive how terrible they are. Using bad lighting and no tripod. I will of course do final pics when they are done and I update the site.