Thursday, April 14, 2011

For Love of the Empire

2500 points of Empire before Heros!

I figured I would start this blog set with a bold statement. I have recently decided to make an Empire army. I have always wanted one, and I found some great excuses:

1. I love my Adepticon sort of blogging too much to only do it once a year.

2. I figured if I do the army as a combined arms sort of force with lots of different states, I can break the painting up into manageable chunks that I can do in my spare time, instead of having to do it during work time like my Adepticon armies (that I always wait till last minute to do)

3. I love Empire. I love the quasi historical feel. I like the huge, and numerous units. I like the artillery. I love how you really have no hope unless you are at a tactical advantage.

4. I have a friend making an Empire army.

5. Said friend is moving away in the summer, and we have pledged to both finish our armies by the time he leaves, and have one mega narrative battle against the group to send him away right.

Sounds like fun! (At least until I go to assemble 200 state troops! :D )

Here is a rough list so far:

40 Halberdiers - Middenheim
35 Swordsmen - Talabheim
45 Swordsmen (30+15 Detachment) - Altdorf
40 Greatswords - Carroburg
20 Spearmen - Reikland
30 Handgunners - Hochland
20 Handgunners - Nuln
20 Crossbowmen - Stirland (My favorite, the underdogs)
Artillery - Nuln

This is the basics before character models and cavalry after that. Im more focused on getting these done first.

Now off to gather supplies and test my mettle on lots of little plastic men!