Monday, April 25, 2011

For Love of the Empire Pt 2

So I have been going over the list, writing and rewriting since I last posted, and now it's quite a bit different, as well as the fluff of the army and game.

The game will be based around Helmgart in Axe Bite Pass. I thought it over and all of these places coming together is a bit silly, especially when you consider the politics involved (which I didnt know much of until I read the Heraldry book). So my army will be (almost) 100% Reikland, with each unit coming from a different city. Here is the new list and what they represent:

50 Halberdiers - Altdorf (Company of Honor from the Heraldry book, red blue and yellow feathers. Pistolier heads)
50 Halberdiers - Grunberg (green and white, all feathered caps)
35 Swordsmen - Bogenhafen (purple and white, wine country folk and the champ is a Mordheim model holding up a wine bottle :) )
35 Swordsmen - Nuln (Grundels Defenders from the Heraldry book. All metal capped heads from the state troop sets)
20 Crossbowmen - Helmgarts Defenders (from Heraldry book, Mariglianos Marksmen models)
30 Greatswords - Carroburg!

And then lots of Nuln artillery and characters.

The nice thing about having so many state troops is I can cherry pick the bits. The Bogenhafen folks all have similar shield styles while I was also able to give the Nuln guys shields that look like what they have in the book. Same for heads, except I had to bit order the pistolier heads.

Pics coming soon!