Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(5/31/11) Black Templars and Other Updates

A little bit of a belated update this week - I've been without internet for about a week. We have had a lot of stormy weather here lately, and a tornado hit nearby last week. There were news vans from Indianapolis just down the road, as the damage was extreme. A trailer park was hit the worst. Many are moved around and flipped, if not completely destroyed. There are trees down so big you couldn't put your arms around them.

But luckily no one was severely hurt and the damage overall was pretty limited. Pretty much this whole side of town has been without power off and on for the past week, and I know at least on my street the internet is just now being addressed. Mostly downed lines.

So, sorry for the absence. I had no way of posting so I need to catch up on my Empire updates, but in the mean time check out these Black Templars! I'm excited to finally have a traditional Black Templar army done and in the gallery. :)

I'm working on catching up on my email. I will also be sending out the newsletter tomorrow morning. It's getting pretty late and it's been a long day!