Friday, May 20, 2011

For Love of the Empire Pt 4

Nothing new to see here, just a general update as I have been pretty quiet lately. Most of my time has been taken up by working on the Empire on top of regular projects, which is actually working out well. I think I will have plenty of time to spare for the big game. My Empire co commander- the friend we are seeing off with this game, has been coming over a lot to paint and it's kept me glued to my seat. Time and paint flies when you have good conversation to distract.

His army is actually 75% done (boo, going to have to put him to work!). He is using Army Painter, going for a witch hunter theme using brown and red with feathers denoting which units were gathered from which province. Should be a nice contrast to my army which is a very bright martial army. Even my War Altar is actually a General and his guard on a chariot base.

But anyway. List is pretty much the same, and I plan on posting pics soon. Working on the movement trays so I can finally take pictures of finished units. The artillery is done as well so I will definitely have pictures up along with tomorrows Dark Eldar update.

In other news I have been back into Fantasy and going strong with my old Warriors. You might recall I had them for sale for a little bit, but I am glad I went with my gut and held onto them. I have added a couple units such as 24 Tzeentch Chosen ( choose from, have yet to use 24) and a Sorcerer Lord on a disk. I will have pics of them up soon too.

So I will be posting a lot more battle reports. Tomorrow I am going to a local store to play 2500, so I will be sure to take some pictures of that as well.

If you've hung in this far thanks for reading, and keep checking back as this next week should see quite a few updates. See you all soon!