Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Forge World

Forge World has been putting out some really great models lately. I've always been a big fan of Forge World but the stuff continues to get better and better since the start of Warhammer Forge.

Another Techmarine sculpt is always welcome, and thankfully this also solves the counts as conversion beamer problem. There are a couple of conversion beamer kits out there but this one is ready to go and the rest of the model is great on top of that. I really like the tendril arms.

The Skaven Lord makes me yet again want to do a Skaven army, but it would also make a great second Hell Pit Abomination for those that don't like doubles of a sculpt. It also has a lot of Chaos potential for a Nurgle army whether Demons or Chaos Mortals. The second is interesting and could be fun in a Wood Elves army, but it as well could be made into an interesting HPA. And as always, anything undead and mutated would be great as a counts as in a Chaos army.

Even though I have already made an Empire army, all of the Warhammer Forge Empire kits make me want to do an army of Manaan. I love all things nautical in theme and it would be great to make up a very wealthy coastal Empire city.

Just wanted to share these as I was very impressed and see lots of potential in them.