Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Army Blog Pt. 4

Coming along!

Sorry this year's army blog has been pretty boring. The problem is most of the army has unique colors on each model, so I had to go through and do 50% of each model individually, then go back and do the similar colors as a whole, so up until the last second not much will be at the basing step before the entire rest of the army is.

But it is almost done, and will be posting pics soon. Working on the last few parts now. Just finished the jester Sabretusks and killer rabbit, and now doing the catapult.

I also wanted to add something else. Brent at BoLS did a post about painting services. I made a response I was pretty happy with and a lot of it bears repeating, so I will repost it here.

When it comes to commission painting it really only takes a couple things. The drive to do it, and genuine care for people that you can't fake. Well, you can try, and most businesses no matter what they make do try, but customers are smart and they easily see through it.

A good test is to think of 500 Ultramarines. Is that something that excites you to paint or do you recoil at the thought? To me that would be exciting. I would look forward to that as the final product would be a trophy of achievement for my gallery, myself and my customer. I do it because there are people out there that think I can't. I do it and I do it faster than they thought anyone could. It's a crazy sort of drive but you do have to be a bit off to want to do this more than anything else :) Miniature painting is certainly one of those professions that quickly weeds out those that do for the "prestige" or the money, from those that do it for the love.

There are also a lot of horror stories out there. I get a lot of stories from customers who tried other people and were either ripped off or tricked. The problem is 99% of painters are part time, are untested and new, and have no reputation to uphold. Most have more to gain from keeping your army than seeing it through. When people ask for recommendations, all I can really recommend are the above painters and Blue Table when it comes to reliability as they are either full time, have been vetted by the community or both. This doesn't mean all other painters are bad, or bad people, you just have to be very wary of who you send your models to.

We few full time painters are not the same sort of animal, and our customers understand that.

I think by now most of my customers understand what I am about, but I thought I would say it again here :) Adepticon this year marks 5 years of painting for me, and I can't help but be proud of the fun I have had and the friendships I have created so far.