Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon Results!


Had a lot of fun at Adepticon this year.  I think it was the best one yet.  I went down on Tuesday with my buddy Dustin as he was a volunteer at the convention.  Normally I go Friday night and then have to leave right after playing, so it was great to sit around and chat with everyone for a couple days before it got crazy.  Met a lot of great people and a few customers I had not met before.  Also got to see some old friends and customers in person again and that was fun.

I lost all my games on Saturday, but at least they were funny losses.  Everything went wrong in big ways - I miscast almost every turn it seemed, and I couldnt pass a rerollable leadership to save my life, so at least they were something to laugh about!  All of my opponents were great as well.

It was also the most touching awards ceremony of the four years as well.  The announcer called me up for the first players choice, shook my hand and everyone cheered, and then on the way back he spoke like someone else had won the other (which I expected) but called my name again!  I felt very honored to win both and for the army to receive the response it did.

Sunday was a blast at the team tournament.  We played very solid all day, winning all but the second game.  For me the Fantasy Team Tourney was a bit more fun than the 40k version, but it might just be because it is shorter and not as exhausting :)

The army has now galloped off into the sunset, off to it's final resting place next to the pirates.

- Until next year!