Sunday, July 1, 2012

Word Bearers

Art by Thomas "goatboy" Reidy of Bell of Lost Souls

The next Chaos faction I would like to do is Word Bearers.  I have always liked the idea of an army stoically marching along until they slowly hit their opponent and destroy them without stopping their chants.  Something very creepy about it.

I would like to have around 30 using, preferably identically posed, robed Dark Angel bodies. The goal will be 30 nearly identical models.  So often nowadays you see armies that have every model leaping and pointing and shouting, which is great, but I thought it would be a jarring contrast to have them all very similar and really show the viewer with the personality of the army. The army will be all on foot, marching forward as a unit.  In front, will be an allied Guard platoon, using the renegade models.

But with the body bit in mind, here are the bits for the weapons:

Warding Staves with the top replaced by chain axes.  I would like to get the exact same arm for holding the halberds, and I am thinking the grenade throwing arm from the space marine kit.

The right arm will be to the side, with the hand replaced by these. I am leaning towards the pointy Marine Commander bit, as it goes to the side somewhat.  With these hands on the end it might give the models a bit more movement.

So that is the idea.  Now the hard part will be finding 30 of each of these bits, so it might be a while before I have them gathered and assembled, but I will keep progress reports!