Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Titan Party Part 1

Hey all,

This is a short (less than a week if all goes to plan) assembly blog of 5 different Titans.  These have a few different themes which I will detail below.

1 Reaver, 2 Warhounds - Knights Haemophage - Part of the existing Traitor Blood Angel army.  These are red and black with a gothic feel.  Using Garden of Morr and similar terrain pieces for the bases.

1 Reaver - Alpha Legion - Along with a Praetor and a few other vehicles, this is traditional Alpha Legion style.  Will be adding very large dragon wings to this as well to add to the theme.

1 Warhound - Nurgle - Greenish tan with nurgle green trim.  The customer requests a base using a GW Battlescape terrain piece.

Boxes of Titans.  Rhino for scale.

Some of the terrain bits I will be using for the Haemophage Titans.  Gardens of Morr and some JR bits as well.

The three Haemophage bases ready to be cured.  They are oven drying putty over 11" wooden discs.  I have already cut the other 2 as well.

More updates tomorrow!