Sunday, October 28, 2012

5 Titan Party Part 7

 Second Reaver almost finished.  Just some small parts to attach at this point.  Tomorrow I will be finishing up the fine details over everything and should have an image of everything primed and ready for paint!
 Legs pinned and epoxied.

 Test fitting the legs.  I later added more to the base once I figured out the feet's final position.

 Body halves pinned and scuffed.
 Tight enough fit there was no need to tie it up.

 Body attached to lower hull and waist.

 Waist tubing pinned.
 Setting up for pinning.
 A perfect fit!

This Reaver has multiple weapons, so the entire arm shoulder and gun assemblies had to be magnetized so any gun could go on either side.  There is also a powerfist which has a completely different arm so the arms could not be attached and only magnetized at the "wrist."

The upper shoulder armor this time around magnetizes directly to the 1/2" magnet the arms attach to.