Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Blog Part 9 - Water, Water, Everywhere! And Oh Does it Stink...

Lots of progress, but very slow as this resin can only be poured about an inch per day.  The weather hasnt been cooperating either.

But three gallons of clear resin later, things are looking good!

Prepping for the resin to be poured.  I ended up cutting out the bottom of the box to reach the lower part of the boat.  The cracks were all sealed up with caulk.

Some of the barrels and crates were going to be in the water, so the I went ahead and painted all of them at once to ensure they matched.

It works pretty darn well!  The resin smells like a 24 hour spray paint party, but it is going in like a dream.  I had absolutely no problems with shrinking or peeling of paint.  The only thing that was tricky was the weather, as it requires either a really hot day or direct sunlight to cure.  It has been 50-60 here, so I can only pour when the sun is out.

I add water effects that go on white and dry clear.  The top layers I made thinner so after each one I could add some effects and stipple some white for bubbles.

Testing out the box! Starting to come together a bit more now.

Painting the edge of the smaller box to match, and adding more water effects.

Transition of the team display from basecoat to pouring resin.  I wanted to finish the top first so I could pour resin on both at the same time.  The pond ended up holding about a half gallon with 2.5 total around the ship.

Until next time!