Friday, March 7, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Blog Part 8 - Finishing the Egg

Hey everyone.

Sorry for the lack of updates.  The past two days have been the only decent ones for outside work, so there hasn't been much work on the displays until yesterday.  Work inside is all over the place so lots of progress, but not much completely finished to show.  However before we get to the egg, I did get the houses done, and have a few pictures to share.

I also added wheels to the throne!

And a couple of quick WIP pictures from painting the Chaos army.

On to the egg, here is yesterday morning's starting progress. I added some piping over the sides, and smoothed those out.

Then I added details to those, a second stage that would then be cleaned up again in a later step. 

I poured concrete into the stem, to make it more bottom heavy and less prone to tipping.

Once that dried, I went ahead and gave the inside a coat of black.  Painting the outside will get on it, but it is going to need more than one coat to cover anyway.

Starting out this morning.  Nice and sunny, means it will dry in only 3-4 hours instead of overnight.  I can get about 3-4 small steps in today instead of just one a day like I normally do.

And that definitely helped me knock out the last 90% of the detail.  I will probably come back in tomorrow and do some small stuff, and let it get one last overnight cure before I start painting.  Until next time!