Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ride of the Worm King - Adepticon 2014 Army

Hey everyone!

Here it is, all finished and the images all up for your viewing pleasure!  I will be uploading the 40k army display momentarily.  For those that might be new:

Every year I do a large scale project for Adepticon, a convention in early April in Chicago IL.  This year I did two!  This is the Fantasy display. If you are interested in any of the WIP images, I have them all on Facebook and in this blog.

The display is based on a large. real wooden throne.  I bought the throne and skeleton from a local "antique" store.  It is about 6.5 feet tall from floor to dragon wings.

The theme of the army is a nightmare fairy tale.  Something a child in the Warhammer world might dream is coming to his town to attack.  The Worm King is a legend of a twisted king who would attack with his dragons and "knights" in the middle of the night and take children away in sacks and on their carts to be eaten for dinner by his pet dragons.  Luckily for the children of Bretonnia, it is simply a tale told by parents when their kids are mean. Or is it?