Thursday, July 3, 2014

Huge Terrain WIP Images

Hey all!

Sorry things have been quiet on the "new stuff" front.  I am working on two massive projects - one a preheresy Marine army that is so large I can't guess how many points it is, and second is a set of new massive terrain for photography.  I have for a long time wanted to make one massive city for both visual and variety's sake.  So I thought I would share some WIP photos from the past week or so of starting these terrain pieces.

Day one of this piece. I wanted one building that was sort of a creepy, gothic temple.  The basic shape is about 2.5'x 3 x 2.5'.  Careful selection of where to use quick epoxy and slow drying construction adhesive speeds up assembly somewhat, but at this point I needed to let it dry overnight.

That building next to a ruined bridge you will see later as well.  The size of the room is deceptive, you can see the "Where's Waldo" space marine on the building, and that black spot behind and to the right is actually large for a playable terrain piece.

Second evening - carved archways into the side, added a bit of detail to the inside, and did a lot of eyeballing of where I wanted some of the medium sized details.

Third day - I skipped ahead a bit and had some fun with the smaller details while I let ideas for the rest of the building stew.  I loved making the inside of the egg chair display and want to do more of that here.

This is my Scrooge McDuck pile of gold equivalent :)

Next, I built a removable roof for the building.  The arches would allow for plenty of reach for minis, but I play to put a stature in the center and I do not want to make it permanent as it might have use in photography outside of the building.

A couple of images of the statue in it's spot without anything done to it, just to get an idea.

Meanwhile, I started a large bridge.  I am going for multiple levels of all kinds, up to several feet, so this will add a ton of depth both vertically and horizontally to photography.

Adding some rough pavement, and I also used filler on the guardrails to give them a jersey barrier sort of shape. 

It seemed like a waste to do all that to the bridge and not also make some sort of street at the same time.  While I plan on making some traditional streets later, this railroad look was quick and easy. 

The next day after the stuff has dried.  About 6 feet of railroad in 2 3 feet sections.

All four pieces together.  For size reference, the bridge is exactly four feet long, the width of a standard gaming table.  The building is the same dimensions as my entire Monty Python display!

A test fit.  I am already making plans for a double width, 8'x8' table.

And I will leave you with this building's beginning.  I started it a while back but it is on hold until I am very sure how big I can make it and still be fit in the room.I do not want to waste all the work in the arches.  The bottom image is the base!

Well, thanks guys for checking out the images.  If you are interested in up to the moment postings on these projects, feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.  Until next time!