Friday, November 7, 2014

Showcase: Showdown - Rooftop Rumble

Welcome to Showcase: Showdown, where I take a break from painting and just have some fun taking pictures with some models I have painted!  My love for modelling goes back to childhood, where I got the most enjoyment just setting things up in interesting and dynamic ways.  I try and incorporate this in every step of army building from posing individual models up to how an army looks displayed.  So every once in a while it is fun to just go wild, throw the rules out the window and pose a snapshot of some random battle in the game's universe.

To the rooftops!  Usually these are one faction on one, but I took advantage of the new Chaos Marines to do a slugfest of Emperor's Scythes and Dark Angels versus Sons of Malice and Thousand Sons.  Watch your step!

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