Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fresh Paint Showcase: Dragonwing - Salamander Bikers

Vroom vroom!  I hope you like bikes, because here's a whole bunch!

A very challenging army to paint, but also very rewarding.  I enjoy split color schemes simply because I get a kick out of making that last line highlight that divides the colors perfectly.  It also just looks great.

The client was after a Slamanders army using what is traditionally a White Scars batch of models (including Khan).  What I did was split the army down the middle white and green, making sure to balance the green with the white, which is tricky and very important. The shoulder pads are my favorite decision we came up with.  They help balance both sides and solved the issue of emblem colors. Best of all that mix-up of coloring translated very, very well to the vehicles.

And let's call another dead on the pavement.  Up next, Tau before starting the Throne!