Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Building the Golden Throne Part 10 - Adepticon Epilogue

On the road again...

Another year, another Adepticon!  Time to do the annual recap of the experience; there is quite a bit to go over.  This was the first year in many I did not play in anything (official) at all.  My plan was for once just go and spend time with as many people I know as possible.  I always enjoy a weekend of gaming, but in past years I have looked back on the way home and thought of all the people I did not get a chance to talk to in person.  So this year was different.

First, the venue.  The hotel was an improvement in almost every way with only two exceptions: there wasn't much in walking distance, and the lighting was poor.  Otherwise, one of the nicest hotels and convention halls I have ever seen.  The front concession food was more expensive but overall better, and there was a good selection of restaurants nearby. The hotel bar and restaurant food was actually really good, and not much more expensive than the concessions. The general vibe was everyone felt at home already, which was very good considering the sudden change from years at the Westin.

The throne in the display case.

The throne was so heavy I did not need to strap it down.  So loading and unloading was the easiest of any of the displays so far.  It was built for the display case (which was originally built for the Fantasy throne) and built blind since there is no vertical room for me to assemble it at home.  Luckily it fit with a millimeter to spare on the sides.

3 am tour National Treasure style..

It stayed in the case until the team tournament, when I had to disassemble it once to put the minis on (photos coming in the future) for judging.  On Saturday later in the evening we were told I could net them ten bonus points if I did it again and took it out in the main walkway with the other top displays, so I did, but I was not going to do that a third time so it stayed there for the weekend!

Unfortunately I did not get to see the other displays but I heard great things.  I had to hurry and be the first out to make it to a Geek Nation Tours dinner, and by the time I got back I was the last still out there. 

Army on display.  Photos coming with some more future work.

It ended up winning best team display! That was exciting and the prize support was massive this year.

Pictures of the Reaver will also come soon.  This was a complete surprise with full artistic licence Reaver Titan.  It was heavily resculpted, the only parts still visible are the legs and weapons.  He was very pleased, with a full covered-in-blanket unveiling in the hotel lobby.  We joined the rest of the Geek Nation Tours group in the bar where it was passed around.

The infamous Nurgle Titan from a couple years back and the new Reaver

I didn't get to see the unveiling at the Titan battle.  It started at 6 and at 5:50 I tried to open a beer bottle on the side of a counter and the neck broke, flying up in my face and cutting me between the eyebrows.  I felt what I thought was beer gushing, but it was blood.  Luckily I was opening it for two nurses, who promptly took good, smothering care of me and I healed miraculously by Sunday, with a very dashing, Final Fantasy-esque souvenir.  If it weren't for them (and a run to CVS by my brother!) I would have been in the hospital with stitches and missed the end of the Titan game.  Which the new Reaver dominated and came out victorious!

Victory dinner.

Mr. Nick Fenske found a baby Kraken!  Best Adepticon gift ever!

On Saturday, I was invited to a Geek Nation Tours pro painter talk and dinner, which was a lot of fun and good mental exercise talking to folks new to painting about being efficient with their technique and learning to paint faster without sacrifices.  Other highlights included getting a good chat with Dave Taylor, and had a great conversation about the throne with another gentleman, whose name of course I will remember after I publish this post and walk away. I am not very good with names, but he had some great perspective and will likely have a massive influence on next year's project, which is already in the planning stages.

I chalk it up to head wound. Sorry buddy!

Watching Alex of Ironheart Artisans kill bugs after the dinner.

Saturday night was the annual invitational Drunkhammer. Much like Whose Line is it Anyway, where the rules are made up and the dice don't really matter.  I am the junky 80s cars.  The game is for pink slips, and started at 1 am.

Roll off for starting position.  Each is a 250 point army.  Mine is five "speeders" = 80s movie cars.

Getting drunk before the game is not a faux pas.

Some stuff happens.  The Delorean goes forward in time.

Second turn.  The movement phase is as fast as you can go in a 3 second countdown. You can shoot if you remember to, and if you touch anything someone else is going to think of something nasty that happens.

Spirit of 80's bromance

Last turn, DeLorean comes back from it's trip to win!  Thankfully I remembered it was in my pocket.

By far the best experience I have had playing a tabletop game in years, and I didn't even remember half of it or open a book!

Back home we go!

Another year, another Adepticon, and definitely the most fun yet.  I really enjoyed just relaxing and chatting, but I definitely missed being a part of the Fantasy gaming.  Maybe 2016 will be another two-display year. Only time will tell.  Thanks to all who shared their time this year with me, and until next year!