Saturday, May 9, 2015

Spring Break

Spring is finally here in Indiana.  That means getting out and revisiting some regular warm weather spots, and catching up with friends.  First, a visit to my favorite local antique shop The Warehouse.  A great place I try and visit as often as possible for display parts and ideas.  I tend to hibernate during the Adepticon season so I had not seen Jeff since building the Golden Throne, which had a few parts I bought from his shop.  Lot's of good stuff, but that's to be expected. Potential Miss Adepticon 2016?  Possibly!  If you are ever around Bloomington be sure to visit both of his locations.

Second, spring means I can finally get back in the woods and the lake about 30 minutes behind the house.  Good exercise over southern Indiana terrain, and the view is very good to see again.  Double duty this trip, as I am scouting for a specific spot to take pictures of two displays coming up this year that will match the surroundings.  One for a client and one for Clash for the Cure.  It will be a hike to get them out here once made, but definitely worth it!

Back to work.  Several smaller projects coming up quickly, then a massive Deadpool themed army.  See you then!