Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gencon 2015 Aftermath

Gencon 2015 was even better than the last.  Thanks first of all to Cool Mini for having me there.  I like to think of them all as close friends now, and I always look forward to spending time with all of them, both at the booth and trolling around town at 4 am. I made a lot of memories this year, most of which I owe to my friends at CMoN.

I spent most of the day cosplaying as the worst pirate there.  The hat I bought last minute didn't fit my head, so I had to buy one on site.  Lucky me if there was a place to buy a pirate hat within a five state radius, it was the hall I was standing in.  Great fun to talk to folks that came up to the booth.  The boats were a massive hit with both people who knew of the game, and those that had not yet but loved to see something interesting.  The biggest honor was watching people jogging to a Thursday morning exclusive release actually stop to take a picture. Thank you to everyone who may be reading this for your kind words, encouragement, and interest in the display.  My voice is only now recovering but that is a small price to pay to meet so many hundreds of kind people.

This guy's camera was so amazing, I had to get a picture of him taking a picture.

Thursday morning setup.

Mike Shinall, game designer, talking about the display and game to attendees. 

I found the other pirate.

This guy got my best in show award.

Candy Con 2015

This was a thing.

Tear down.

Loading up the boxes.  Sad to see my babies go, but I know they are going to a good home, and I will see them again soon enough.  It's been a really great ride, as they all are.  Thank you again to everyone, and until next time.