Monday, December 7, 2015

The Thunderbelch Tribe - Ogre Kingdoms Army

I have returned from a long journey to the frozen north, and brought back for your viewing pleasure a massive Ogre army with an icy theme.  The paint scheme for this army was very particular, and a fun challenge, based on the client's taste in older fantasy art and specific tastes in color.  I have painted so many armies now that it is second nature, painting is it seems my natural resting state, so the added mental exercise of the original and unique armies that have been coming through are a lot of fun and add another layer of enjoyment to the process.  I feel I nailed his original mental vision without a doubt, and that is as rewarding as actually finishing such a large army.

Great things are in store for the rest of the year and 2016.  Up next is a project of 28 Imperial Knights in one go, and of course the new year and the wrap up of 2015, with a look back at this year's projects.  Until then have a wonderful holiday season!