Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Spirit of Orboros" Clash for a Cure Charity Army

From deep in the woods somewhere in Indiana, I have returned with a Hordes army for this year's Clash for a Cure.  

Clash is a large independent Warmahordes tournament the weekend of September 18th in Killeen, Texas raising money for the American Cancer Society.  This display and army will be a raffle prize, all proceeds going to the charity.  To get directions and register:


The display is made from a working fountain, heavily reworked with clay and other materials to represent the magical and ancient forests the vengeful forces of Orboros dwell in.  The original shape was heavily built up to represent terrain in miniature scale, as well as to change the water flow to allow for display of models.

Most importantly, go to the event and buy tickets!  You could win this display as well be supporting a great cause.

Awesome tokens donated by Ironheart Artisans!