Monday, September 11, 2017

The Last Voyage of the Crusty Anchovy

"Ello, I wanna munch ya" is da thing to say
on a bright, humie huntin' day.
Dat's da island greeting dat we send ta you
From da land where fat guts sway
Here ya know yerr bones will be white and bright
Da sun will shine by day and the spit at night
"Ello, I wanna munch ya" is da Butcha's way
to say get in my belly, to you!
Bon voyage and other well-preserved cheese to another project. A bunch of Alestorm, Kraken and late nights wrapped up in one final set of pictures. The customer wanted some tribal Ogres, a little bit realistic and menacing, a little bit silly, fitting for the inherent character of Ogres to begin with.

This project was especially fun and rewarding. A little bit nostalgic - a meeting of the Monty Python ogres and the Marienburger, and a whole lot of conversion just for the fun of it. Pretty much everything has sculpting, swaps, or is completely scratch such as the BSB.

Every project is always a big collaboration between myself and the customer. His dream, my ideas, and late nights emailing and brainstorming make an army as sentimental as the paint and glue work itself. A big thanks to him for coming along for the ride and being the poor wall I threw so many ideas at. End of the day this sort of sum of parts make for some of the most memorable work, and makes it all worth it.

Next in the pipe - an Age of Sigmar Khorne army big enough to rival the last Stormcast, and some interesting and new ideas for the backdrop. See you then!