Monday, June 11, 2018

The Lost and the Damned - An Eldar Ulthwe Army

Hello friends.

Another army commission post for your clicking pleasure.  This time Eldar Ulthwe.  The client asked for in general classic Ulthwe with some specifics: a mossy base style ("Yavin 4" being the descriptor used most of the time), some specific conversions including two unique Wraithlords, and freehand in the masks and banner.  Lots of fun.  A classic scheme strengthened by some specific touches, techniques, and freehand. Particularly enjoyed the classic Ulthwe lightning markings.  Traditional and tribal but getting a balance of each being unique but not overpowering the other gives an organic feel. 

I usually judge my satisfaction and how concluded a project is with how I sleep the night (or usually, morning) after finish, and like a baby after a long day and full belly doesn't come close. 

Had the strangest, longest, and most positive dream in my life that night.  Felt hours long.  It was leaving some convention, and walking back.  Except transportation didnt exist in this reality, and everyone I have ever met through paint was walking together. Through odd places, construction sites, the desert, Epcot Center, etc., walking and walking. Everyone was happy and chatting, reminiscing and Bsing. People would flow in and out like water, old faces and new.  Those that I have never seen in person were given faces. 

As we went further and further, the crowd slowly would disperse, veering off as we pass their destination.  After the longest time it trickled down to just me, as my house came into view.  Walked into the backyard with my dog waiting, looked back at my woods for a while thinking about how perfect it all was, and then turned around to start walking back again.

Like any dream when I woke up it all felt silly.  Made coffee, checked my email for the client's response, and let the dog out.  Standing in the same spot in my dream for a while, taking it in. Then turning right around to dive into the next project, it all hit me. The people, the fun, and the bittersweet feeling of leaving a convention, it's really all the same as when I finish a project.  The build up and momentum, the last day of hurried excitement and final rush of fireworks as I send off the pictures. You get so into it and build such a bond with the person and project, you don't want it to end, but that is life. On the bright side, I get to turn around and do it all again.

The Sisyphean (in the most positive use) way it all works I imagine would be tough to anyone wired differently, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My dream was a perfect analogy - most people don't want to walk forever, or at all.  Just get there and be done.  For me the people and friends and feeling of being steeped in it, even being home and at perfect peace for a moment I can't help but turn around and immediately do it again.

That is a good place to conclude and fittingly - on to the next one.  A giant Nurgle army.  One of the biggest yet.  The army is so awesome, it has it's own blog, and you can find it out there as "Hexfleet Virules."  But trust this will be getting some pre-paint shots of the conversions, as well as a new backdrop and it's process posted.  So see you soon!