Friday, August 21, 2020

The Lost Grand Fyrd of the Kromidrakk Lodge

Hello out there!

I am back again from deep beneath the earth, bringing back some colorful balls of tainted stubbornness.  This time it is Age of Sigmar Dwarves with a Tzeentch flavor.  This army has some very personal and unique backstory the client has been working on for years, so let's kick it off with a small summary of that:

"The Kromidrakk Lodge dwells beneath the “Glass Sea” in the city of Fanokbulla on Chamon, the Realm of Metal. This lodge went to the Realm of Metal in search of ur-gold under the deep depths of the Glass Sea under false pretense. They have been hired by an agent of Tzeentch for thousands of years, The Changeling.

It is with Tzeentch's blessings that the Kromidrakk Lodge has been slightly mutated to have gills by the Changer of Ways. The Kromidrakk  Lodge has no knowledge of the true identity of The Changeling. Crestis'Chk, the Lord of Change, personally oversees this endeavor. It is he who mutates the magmadroths into Vortex Beasts. It is he who further mutates the Lodge from within. They continue to serve Tzeentch unknowingly, all the while, believing in their cause."

Tzeentch tainted Dwarves. A very unique army that is also very colorful. This was right up my alley and a lot of fun to work on. Quite a lot to dig into and flex the color theory and composition muscles, going from a broad idea for an army with very fleshed out backstory, to an overall whole bringing the two together and making something that works both as a visual whole and with the story the client had created..

For a great project with a lot of feeling behind it, well written, fleshed out and personal backstory is half of the battle. The other is the paint that tells the story visually. Combine the two and you get a very sentimental and special thing that you can point out across the table and know what went into it. I put a lot of work into my projects and what most people see at first glance is that effort, but cannot give enough credit to the clients that have worked on and thought about their personal army for years, and allow me that foundation to work on top of. Thank you very much to a certain special someone for this one! Was all my pleasure.

Next up - Perry Samurai! Somehow in all these years of painting I have never done historicals or Perry. Very much looking forward to digging in. See you then!