Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blood Angels

This army is definitely happening. It's all bought.

1850 is roughly:
4x5 assault marines in rhinos w dozers
20 assault marines
5 honor guard
some priests

Drive 18 and pop smoke, delicious! FNP and +1 attack bubbles everywhere. Its still mech and has the rhino smoke wall of doom I love but it plays a lot different from the nurgle.

Rhinos are forge world repressors:

ALL marines are sanguine guard models. However:
Assault marines are sanguine guard that have tac backpacks and bare heads
Assault marines w jumppacks are sanguine guard that have bare heads and jump packs they come with (wings)
honor guard are same as above but use the death masks the kit comes with.

The entire army will be solid gold, a lot like the Grey Knights I did not long ago in style.
The bare heads will be space wolf heads painted dark skinned.
End result: