Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Now we're cookin!

Lots of progress on assembly of the Adpticon army. Right now #1 priority is the charity nurgle, then some badly needed cleaning up and organizing (my gaming table is covered and surrounded by sprues and boxes from working on the Ork army) and then I will start posting progress of the Orks. The army itself is 75% assembled and converted. It just needs a couple more buggies, and some cosmetic conversion and sculpting work. The display progress....0%... Waiting on a serving cart I ordered to come in so I can start on that. Instead of lugging it around this year I am going to build it into the cart and wheel it around.

So updates since the last Ork related post:
- Cart ordered
- Ordered more afterthought bits and terrain gubbinz.
- Ordered magnets and WotR movement trays to magnetize the bases of the whole army (so no need for a case this year)
- Armorcast blast effects added to guns and whatnotz
- The Big Trakk now has a custom metal cover thingie loaded up with junk boxes and a dumpster. Ill take a pic of this soon, it came out pretty cool.

One thing I need to do is write a solid list, which I have been meaning to do just no time. For some reason army builder is acting funny when it comes to making Nob squads so I am not sure the exact total.

Anyway, back to work on the Nurgle. They came in late, last Thursday in fact, so update will probably be this weekend.