Monday, March 25, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Blog Part 3 - Adding Wood and Walls

Beginning the planking process.  The entire thing will be layed down with the groups of bases "solid" and will be sawed apart later.  A long time ago I did a test to see if I could do them individually and this is the only way to make it work and have them lock together tight when done.

Sea bride standard in progress.I wanted to do my own version of the regimental standard given in the command kit, but much larger and more like a sail.

Filling in the gaps, cavern walls, and adding the top diorama to the team display.

The canned foam dried faster than expected so I was able to add a lot of other details and then finally do a lot of putty work which took overnight to dry.  Starting to come together below, the top is still very rough.