Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adepticon 2013 Part 1

Hey everybody!

That time of the year again. :)  This time I will be blogging the team tournament as well.  Let's just get to it!

 The general idea.

 So the first thing to do is figure out how to make the water and the boat.  I wanted both to go in the box shown above, but obviously that would take a couple dozen gallons of clear resin.  So I made a wooden tray that will sit in the box on cleats, that can be removed and give the illusion of the box being all one piece.

 After that, I mocked out the general shape of the boat in foam, and left overhang on the long ends, as I want there to be a bit of lean so that cut will have an angle to it.

 Trying out a few different model placements.

Lots of sanding and trying to make it flush.  You cant really see it but the last image is me trying to show the curve I sanded into the boat.

 Two gallons of clear resin!

 A general shape.

Blocks were added to the bottom to give the boat the angle in the water I want.  Once again just a bit of glue, some weight, and time.

These are the half finished artillery.  The cannons are built into the deck and powered by steam.

 These sticks will make up the planks of the boat.  This bundle in my hand is about 1/3 at best of what I will need.  50 packs of ten 10" strips.

The shape of the boat is coming together better.  I scrapped the big forecastle look.

Some initial images from the team tournament army.  This is a lava based Chaos Dwarf/Ogre army.  The display is going to be a lava cavern with an overhang of a happy Empire dwelling.

Until next time!