Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adepticon Wrap Up!

 Adepticon in an image.

 Adepticon is over!  Sorry for the belated post, but I had to dive right into packing to move and trying to catch up on sleep when I returned.  This year was by far the most fun ever.  It would take me hours to write out all the funny stories I took with me, but I decided to capture a few in an image before I left.

1.  Player's Choice for Display!  Woohoo!!  Thanks to everyone who came by and said hello.  Also to those that voted for the army!  The response this year was easily double last year.  I had people coming in from the 40k side on breaks to see what this "boat army" was all about, which was a real honor that it was such a buzz, and just in general it is always so much fun to see peoples reactions to a months worth of dedication and love for something.  My rambling to try and describe my excitement will be shorter this year as I know there is no point in trying to put it into words.  Even if I had won nothing, my army crashed to the floor on round 5 and fell apart, and the parts that were strapped to the roof of the car fell off on the way back, I would still be grinning ear to ear.

2.  My games didn't go as well as I had hoped, but none were terrible.  Both wins and losses were within just a couple hundred victory points of either way.  So there were no blow outs in either direction for what it's worth.  The land ship was a blast but a bit of a dud.  It was 300 points of either a little bit of goofy killing or goofy failure.  As far as I can remember off hand it only died once though. Opponents were all fun as they always are at Adepticon. I have never had an opponent in 5 years I would not play again.

3.  A friend I see every year at Adepticon (but of course at the moment I cannot remember his name...) was a hero and lent me his pocket knife to help get my models pried out of the display even though he was leaving before.  If you read this let me know your address!  I will surely remember his name in a bit and repost...

4. Brad Chester finger painting and assembling a last minute war walker for a certain someone gets super glue on a (we found out later) $500 coffee our room.

5. Trading $5 for 5 pounds with the Bad Dice guys.  Cheapest souvenir ever, and those guys are fun to hang out with.

6. Survival food! 7 am to 2 am days with not much time to spare.  The problem with Adepticon is you want to spend as much time with all these people as possible but you have to get up at 7.  I say problem, but it is always worth it.

Five years of Adepticon, and a matching ride to carry them around in.

Paul Murphy and Mike Walsch.  The nicest Blood Angel and Space Wolf you will ever meet! 

I will post more images of the team army, along with putting the champ army up on the site officially in a few days.  I am currently in the process of moving, so for the next few weeks there wont be many updates other than these armies and the Wargamescon charity army. 

Here is a quick video I did further explaining the army for the guys at Ohiohammer who wanted to put something together.  Nothing special, but sometimes video gives a better sense of depth over images.

Until next...year!