Sunday, May 12, 2013

(5/12/13) Huge Update! Adepticon Armies - Marinburger and Team, Wargames Con Charity Army, Nurgle Kill Team

 Hey Everyone!

Four and sort-of-a-half armies up today!  The late addition of the Marienburger army above, the team tournament army "What Lurks Below" (Apparently we won a players choice and it was accidentally not announced! :D ) a Nurgle army, and the Wargames Con Charity Army and a small addition of my own.  More pictures up on the site, or on Dakka. Enjoy!

What Lurks Below - Adepticon team army, Ogres and Chaos Dwarves

  Nurgle Kill Team

 Wargames Con charity army plus part of my own Dark Vengeance set

Now back to painting walls!  I should be moved by the end of the month and back to work.  A very exciting summer ahead of commissions too.

Until next time,