Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finished Moving!

New GMM Mascot :)

Hey all!

Finally, after about a month and a half, most of which was sorting work related goodies that I tend to horde, I have finished moving.  I will post pictures at some point, it is a bit cramped until I build a dedicated studio space, but this place is very sentimental as it was my Grandparents house.  The garage I am working out of still has the musty smell of when I was two, and it's very energizing to work in a space with so much character and sentimentality.

But anyway, back to regularly scheduled madness!

I set up a twitter account, above (image doesn't want to show in blog post) and the actual button is on the right column.  I always want to post random interesting images, but I do not like to flood the blog with random pictures that distract from the regular finished army posts.  So this allows me to do that.  Follow if you are interesting in regular, random cool images!

Some upcoming projects:

- Smallish Pre Heresy Sons of Horus armor.

- Very large Ork army to go with the KREAM kill team from before Adepticon.  Featuring 21 Grot Tanks among other cool goodies.

- New Fantasy terrain.  This is for a CMoN video as well as the fact I simply need some Fantasy terrain on par with the massive amounts of original 40k terrain I have for army shots.

- Adepticon next year will be bigger than the past three years combined, so I will be doing some really early work on the displays that I will post progress on in Twitter.

And that's just the next month or so!

I will be catching up on email over the next couple hours.  If you have not received a response then please send another, as it was likely a Gmail snafu at this point, because I have a big cup of coffee and I am going to answer everything in one fell swoop!

So until next time, see you here, on Twitter, and behind a brush!