Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 Years of Adepticon Part 1 - 2009 - Eldar

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Hello everyone!

I have been going to Adepticon for five years now, with 2013 being the fifth consecutive.  I have made "Chicago" as it is know among those close to me into something of a personal test of will, creativity, and drive.  Every year I try to top or at least match the year before in not only creativity, but size, quality, and charm.  I tend to take 2 months or so from work and just pour myself into the project of the year right before the event.  It wasn't always this way, so let's begin with the army that started it all.  2009 - just a boy, and a trip to this thing called "Adepticon."

Memento Mori - "Remember Your Mortality"

The process behind this army was not quite what it is today.  It was more your traditional tournament army with a smaller board and more basic theme.  I had heard the phrase before and it always reminded me of the spirit-powered Wraithguard.  This army was only planned a few weeks before the event, so I had basic kits and parts to work with.  The board is simply a picture frame, and the scenery a terrain piece bought online. 

Eldrad was a lot of work, I still remember that.  Tools back in the day weren't so fancy, and I was not as skilled at conversion.  I was also broke and starting out so cutting off Eldrad's head was painful!

The very competitive at the time Eldrad/Avatar combo was an excuse to make a fourth Wraithlord model.  There are slight conversions to make it more "Avatar."

The Wraithlords were a chance to flex my freehand muscle.  I have always loved freehand and I have always loved cheesy anime sort of style of art!

This was back in the day of Wraithguard blisters, and they were hard to come by!  I remember paying a pretty penny for a just out of college kid for wraithguard on two weeks notice.  Luckily the bonesinger was a gift from a good friend and customer, so I didn't have to pay the $50 or so dollars he was worth at the time!  He is a great model though and in terms of sentimentality #1 in the army.

Pathfinders and jetbikes rounded out the list.  The entire army was troops save for the Avatar and Eldrad.  It was pretty competitive at the time and I remember winning all of my games but not hard enough to break top 10-20.

This army started the addiction, and will always hold a place in my heart even though it is the weakest of the five in terms of size and creativity.  I still have it along with the others and they will go to my kids when I die.  Thus the grind continues...

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