Friday, October 25, 2013

5 Years of Adepticon Part 2 - 2010 - Scallywaggin!

Hello everyone!

I have been going to Adepticon for five years now, with 2013 being the fifth consecutive.  I have made "Chicago" as it is know among those close to me into something of a personal test of will, creativity, and drive.  Every year I try to top or at least match the year before in not only creativity, but size, quality, and charm.  I tend to take 2 months or so from work and just pour myself into the project of the year right before the event.  Last time we went over the army that started the addiction, now let's get into the one that really set the ball rolling and made the most impact on my life, "Scallywaggin!"

The idea of this army was in my head for quite a long time.  Anyone who knows me well knows I have an affinity for all things both vintage and nautical.  Heck I have a pirate cabin in my house and my truck is a pirate ship on wheels!

But where this army started was still fairly brand new to me.  I was just started to think outside the box in terms of display board.  I really wanted this army to stand out, to be so much more than a display board.  I bought the box from a craft store and proceeded to "antique" it up, and built the ship into it using plasticard and foam.  You can tell that it is much more crude than my later ship design, but I was treading new waters! Oh my...

The biggest and most obvious inspirations are the Pirates movies. especially here with Davy Jones.  But there are a few others including Bioshock, and some older classic movies.

 The two  "Demon Princes" are counts-as lash princes, for those that remember those days.  For "wings" I went with rusty jetpacks. The second model I wanted more of a "first mate," big burly guy that helped the captain when heads needed cracked.

The Obliterators are a mixture of Death Guard parts and a head taken from many a Warmachine figure.

The infantry are a mixture of parts, the entire army being one bits order as I tend to do, with possessed legs, Forge World Death Guard torsos and assorted arms and weapons.  This army was very competitive at the time being the Wrecking Crew Nurgle list with melta, flamer, combi, Rhino melta.

The greater demon I had completely scratch made! It was quite impressive to watch this pop out of a Rhino...

The Rhinos I was questioned about more than anything else.  They are actually heavily modified Repressors from Forge World. The Repressor is a very under-appreciated Forge World kit.

The Eldar were what started it, but this army is what created the routine of that addicting grind.  I loved making it and it will always be my favorite.  Even if other armies outshine it in quality, this one will always be the most charming!

 Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory laneKeep up with my latest work on Facebook if you like!