Friday, November 1, 2013

5 Years of Adepticon Part 3 - 2011 - Mad Morks

Hello everyone!

I have been going to Adepticon for five years now, with 2013 being the fifth consecutive.  I have made "Chicago" as it is know among those close to me into something of a personal test of will, creativity, and drive.  Every year I try to top or at least match the year before in not only creativity, but size, quality, and charm.  I tend to take 2 months or so from work and just pour myself into the project of the year right before the event.  The third year I really wanted to take the theme and scale to a new level!  So without further ado, "Mad Morks."

The theme behind this army is obviously through and through Mad Max.  I have always loved the movie and always thought it would make a great army, in fact many other people have tried it before me.  I even have the same dog as Max now funnily enough!

This display is the first time I really went for "huge!" I got the idea for a cart because this model is easily broken down, fairly inexpensive for what it is, and a nice lipped top that could hold the foam and have some cutaway. Plus it would easily wheel around the convention floor.  Carrying around that big box the year before was a big pain!

The display itself is mostly a sheet of foam and about a gallon of filler.  I used Lord of the Rings movement trays to help magnetize the army.  Everything on this display is magnetized.  You can literally put this on it's side and nothing will budge!

The most important model was of course Max himself.  Based off a Warmachine model with added Ork gubbinz, a pig for a doggie, and the boomerang kid grot.

Mina Morker is the Ogre Kingdoms female maneater with a swap to give her a counts as combi weapon, and some longer hair.  Sexy, no?

Master Blaster is again a Warmachine model with scratch built platform and Forge World grot for the Master.

The trukks are simply the two Forge World kits spliced together, with many an added Ork on top.

The tanker is my favorite vehicle in this army.  The tank itself is all scratch except for the wheels, and is PVC pipe with lots of plasticard!  It was a lot of fun to make.  The front end is magnetized for jackknife shenanigans.

The two other Battlewagons are primarily Forge World wagons with added crew.

The buggies are a mixture of many parts, the yellow ones being Elysian carts.  The smaller buggies are heavily converted bikes.

The infantry in this army are extremely heavily converted.  In fact not a single actual full kit was bought to make them.  They are all many bits orders and aftermarket parts.

There you have it!  Year three of five.  This army is in my opinion the most charming (it's Orks!) even though it isn't the most colorful and it is very focused in theme.  But I tried to take that and build on it in the next year!

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory laneKeep up with my latest work on Facebook-GMM