Friday, December 27, 2013

Flashback Friday - Elemental Necrons

Hey everyone!

Welcome to Flashback Friday, where I revisit old armies I have painted from the past.  I have painted thousands of models and who knows how many huge armies on commission, and each one holds a special place in my heart.  A little sweat, a lot of love, and some collaboration with another person and who knows what you can create!  I enjoy looking back every once in a while at the photos and remembering the joys and struggles, the hard work and the pure enjoyment of making someone's vision a reality. But enough of that emotional stuff, let's get on with it! I miss you, baby!

The army I am reminiscing over this time around is an "elental" themed Necron army.  The customer wanted a theme playing on fire and ice.  It turned out to be a great idea and it was a lot of fun to paint!  I knew as soon as I raid his first email what this army would look like in the end, and I couldn't wait to get into it.

Imotekh and Anrakyr are the two main HQs of the army.  The customer requested the fire elements be added to the "more important" pieces, not only as a visual representation of "rank" of sorts, but to make them pop on the battlefield.  It really worked on many levels.

The other HQ models were made to count as Crypteks.  We liked the idea of using some of the other models instead of four of the same Cryptek pose.  Leaving the fire off of these models helps to tie them all together despite being different poses.  It adds points in favor of the counts as with paint.

The Nightbringer was a great opportunity for lava effects, with some cold icy glow as well.  He really represents the visual theme of elemental power.

We knew right away upon hearing the theme requested that the Wraiths would be fun to paint.  A great opportunity for the icy glow.

The scheme for the warriors was obvious - cold, icy undead warriors over the hot lava made a great visual balance.

The fire on the barges turned out to be a good idea - they really separate from the Arks from across the room and have a deadly look to them.

The Arks were kept all blue.  We wanted them to have an eerie look to them and the ice fits the bill perfectly.

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.  Keep up with my latest work on Facebook if you like!