Friday, January 17, 2014

Flashback Friday - Complementary Necrons

  Hey everyone!

Welcome to Flashback Friday, where I revisit old armies I have painted from the past.  I have painted thousands of models and who knows how many huge armies on commission, and each one holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy looking back every once in a while at the photos and remembering the joys and struggles, the hard work and the pure enjoyment of making someone's vision a reality. But enough of that emotional stuff, let's get on with it!

This time around I have for you an older but favorite army I have painted - Necrons painted in a complimentary bright blue and creme/rust scheme.  These are a couple of my favorite colors and I really enjoyed painting this army.

For the HQs we have all three classics - Orb Lord, Nightbringer, and Destroyer Lord.  Since this is an older army, this was in the era of the dreaded Nightbringer.

A Forge World model, that is surprisingly a lot more fun to assemble than it looks!

The core Warriors.  A simple but effective and, in my opinion, timeless sort of scheme.

Scarab Swarms.  I was always really fond of how their eyes came out.  They seem very alive and sentient.

Many Destroyers - the scheme really suited the shapes of the models.

And finally, the good old Monolith.  I spent a lot of extra time getting that effect on the door, and thought it well worth the effort.

Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane.  Keep up with my latest work on Facebook if you like!