Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Part 6 - By the Power of Gray Primer!

Hey everybody!  Some new updates - the biggest being painting has begun!  Let's get started.

The "book" set roughly.  This will be solid and have painted elements added.

Making the book solid.

I added a putty rest for the book, and attached the right arm of the skeleton.

Wet primer!

Dry primer the next day.

 A starting basecoat of yellow.

Some rough coloring. I will do the castle elements separately, and the city streets along with the bases.

I also did a little coloring on the derelict.  It is proving pretty awkward to paint!

And dry and back in the house.  I will do some hand brushing highlighting and shading over it.  Some places are just too hard to get to.

For next update I should have a finished ship, a lot of progress on the throne, and a final look at the egg before painting.  Stay tuned!