Sunday, March 2, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Part 7 - Painting the Derelict

Hey guys!  I have finished the ship to about 75%, so I thought I would go ahead and post the results. :)  Let's get on with it!

First thing was to basecoat the metals, and wash everything one more time.

Once that dried, I picked an area and fleshed it out more.  Starting with the head.

Then to the center, adding some blood effects.  I am trying to mesh Giger and Kuksi (as well as horror influences in general) so I want to take it in a somewhat abstract direction.  

More shading and blending together of colors.  Generally pretty happy with the overall tone.  I am definitely getting a Silent Hill or (insert random horror movie) vibe and that is my goal.

Overview of progress so far.

And then the view of progress back on the box for the evening.  I do still have some detail work to do, and I want to brighten it up in some places.  I am generally happy enough that if forced to I could call it finished here, and generally I try and get everything to that point with time crunch in mind and then go back in after I step back and see what needs extra attention the most.  There is no point in going an extra mile on one part so early, as I could cause another portion to go unfinished with time, and it could end up being detail that you can't even see in the end.

Until next time!