Friday, February 21, 2014

Flashback Friday - Death Korps SeaBees "Breach This!" - Part 2

 Hey everyone!

Welcome to Flashback Friday, where I revisit old armies I have painted from the past.  I have painted thousands of models and who knows how many huge armies on commission, and each one holds a special place in my heart. I enjoy looking back every once in a while at the photos and remembering the joys and struggles, the hard work and the pure enjoyment of making someone's vision a reality. But enough of that emotional stuff, let's get on with it!

This time around I have for you a two parter.  Sometimes for budget reasons, people need to split their army up.  I always advise for matching reasons, to do the infantry in one batch, and the vehicles in another, and that is exactly what the customer and I did here.  This second part is the armor.

This army is the Death Korps K-MEU SeaBees, named "Breach This!"  The customer has a ton of backstory for this army, and is in the Navy himself.  To summarize, this is an engineer regiment that would be given a specific target whether a beach, building, or barricade.

The color scheme overall is quite unique, and was chosen by the customer and I to reflect the Naval themes of the army.  Blue tanks don't seem intimidating on paper, but in the army shots they sure are!

Forge World Salamander and counts as HQ Chimera.  The riders were painted alongside the infantry shown before and hung onto until time came for the vehicles.

Lots of Mars pattern Russes. The large stacks are snorkels for beach assaults.

I am still impressed by the conversion work on the army, as all of it was done by the customer.  He loves to fiddle with Imperial vehicles but doesn't have the time to paint his creations.  These APCs are almost entirely scratch-built!

 Chimeras with armored turrets round out the troop transport options for this army.

I hope you enjoyed this two parter!  Join me next time for more blasts from the past. Keep up with my latest work on Facebook if you like!