Friday, March 21, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Blog Part 11 - Egg Finished!

Hey all - this is it!  Both displays down.  Now just to do the marines that go in the egg.  Let's wrap this up so I can get back to painting!

A client and I had the idea to do a tablet as a billboard for his display, so I thought I would use the existing one I had to do the same for mine. In hindsight, I am glad.  It really gave it something extra.

I must admit this was fun! 

The tablet was attached to velcro.  It took me one whole day to get the GIFs to work for these.  It was really frustrating.  But they work.

This morning I drug it out and took some pictures with the derelict finally in its hole.

Another angle.  There is a space marine for scale if you can see it, half assembled.

Tonight I added some spotlights to the display.  Pretty much a requirement with the ballroom lighting.

Accidental use of flash has interesting effects on the mind.

With exterior light.

And a close up of the interior.

So that's it!  Just need to do some final touches on the armies and I will have pictures.  Stay tuned while I get back to work!