Thursday, March 20, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Blog Part 10 - Finishing the Throne

Hey all!

Time passes, things get done - or something more appropriately poetic.  I have focused a lot more on the throne the past few days so I will go over all of the progress, which is now done enough to at least call it complete.

First, I brought it in and got set up.  Don't let the image fool you, its about 6 feet tall to the dragon.  That is a 42" TV.

First thing to do was go in and add a little color throughout the display.  It doesnt seem like much but it makes a more realistic and believable color in the end.

This was thankfully mindless enough it did not become too tedious, just time consuming.  But I think it was worth it.

With more work done to the top.

Only about 2-3 steps left at this point.  Down to the finishing touches.

All done and drying for the next day to do the flock.

I bought plenty of trees!

That is a warpfire dragon on the right!  Carn is really a big guy...

 Working my way down for the most part.  Drips and falling trees have nothing to ruin.

Lots of foliage.  I want a creepy spring look to the bottom.  Lots of colors but also a bit sickly.

Flocking finished!  

The poem book - the army is sort of a nightmare fairy tale in theme.  I wanted to carry that into the army nameplate.

And with the book in place, the display is almost complete.  I must move on to other projects that are not so complete, but time permitting I will revisit a few small things.

Until next time, in which I should have both projects complete.