Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Blog Part 13 - Epilogue

Hey all!

Back from Adepticon 2014, and what a convention it was.  There is no "probably" about it - this definitely was the most fun yet.  I met a lot of customers from the previous year, twitter friends, facebook fans and so many other people.  It is not an exaggeration to say if I was not at the gaming table I was meeting people and talking and it was just amazing to meet all of you. 

But I have a few pics I managed to remember to take in all the hustle, so let's get on with it!

Packing up.  This part was pretty nerve wracking!  The egg fitting was pure luck.  Glad I went with the smaller wheels.  Everything made it just fine though.

Took about four hours to unpack it all, but got the armies set up in front of the nice view.  Ready to go out one by one.

The egg set up in the hall.  I didn't play the army, so didn't get to hang around it much unfortunately.

Player's choice for the egg!  Thanks so much to the folks who voted.  I do feel bad I wasn't able to be around, but Paul said everyone really enjoyed it and it was a lot of the familiar faces from before. :) Meanwhile I was over at the Fantasy Team, which is the perfect segway.

Wheeling these down the hall is the hardest part!

It was really nice to get it out of the house again.  I had a lot of comments from people who were not there the year before or were and missed it who were happy to see it in person.  That alone was worth hauling the darn thing out again. :)

My buddy Gareth from Bad Dice Podcast sums up our games.  But we did win players choice team!  I had a lot of fun playing in the games, and Gareth is a great sport.  We already have plans (his :D) for next year on an original display.  We really didn't have a shot with such an old list, but we sure pretended like we did.

Gareth and the Bad Dice guys have tons of Adepticon coverage and footage on their website if you are looking for more.

Saturday morning - wheeling the throne out to the elevator! I always get up so early.  I would like to say it's because I set an alarm but I get so excited it's my own body clock.  I think I slept 3-4 hours a night all week.  On a couch.  It's a catch 22 of wanting to get proper sleep but also wanting to get every minute you can with your friends.

Lucky I had an end table first round!  I did again later, but a couple games had to haul it by hand :)

They did something different this year - the top 10% of paint judged armies were pulled after game 2 to set up along a back table for voting/additional judging.  I thought that was pretty cool!

Evening day two!

And the results - best painted and players choice!  Thanks to all who voted (or didn't, that's ok too!) and those that I met that I hadn't before.  It was good to see familiar faces and finally say hi to those that were familiar but I didn't know, and the ones on twitter I had been talking to all year.  I was so exhausted I barely remember Sunday night, and hopefully that didn't show as much as I think it did, but I was grinning ear to ear on the inside. :)  I really am so glad I gave the Fantasy side a try because it really is like family.  I haven't met anyone that is a grump, or is there purely to win or go home, etc.  Not that the 40k side doesn't have wonderful people, it is amazing as well, I am just very grateful especially this year.  

A special thanks and see you later to Gareth and Mark of Bad Dice, Dustin and Mike, Brad and Andrea, Domus, Andrew and the OH crew, Ryan Boaz (best Beastman), and everyone else really - if I talked to you you've crossed my mind since then and I am grateful, believe me.  Also everyone on twitter who went through the ordeal with me, my family for their generous help, and finally my mom for bringing me dinner sometimes. <3 p="">

As every year, it was pretty sad to see this sight late Sunday.  But it was a bit different this time because the weekend was so flawless, it was ok it was over.  So thanks to all that made that possible.

Until next year,