Thursday, April 24, 2014

Love Devours All - Adepticon 2015 Blog Pt. 2 - Sowing the Seeds

Hey everyone!

Back at it with more inspiration.  This time I am going to look at Triptychs, which is a form of three-panel painting, relevant due to it's common use in the Middle Ages on altarpieces.  It often tells a story, with one large center panel flanked by two smaller. 

Our friends from before.

I really like this this sort of uncanny valley, half-disturbing painting from the Middle Ages. I am hoping to meld this in with the display and the Ogres themselves.  The biggest trick will be making this sort of three panel painting and the display that goes around it, but that is another post.

The main painting I want to focus on is The Garden of Eathrly Delights by Bosch.  It's a triptych, it's disturbing, it has classical religious influences.  I have always loved how it is a religious artwork but at the same time can be so twisted and hard to look at.  The painting is also genius in how you can look at so much of it and be disturbed, but not really be sure why.  There are some overt references to human parts, but mostly it is just the perfect of freakishly referencing anatomy but being very distant enough you aren't sure exactly what.  While I won't have any of the organ allegories, I hope to carry over a lot of the subliminal horror.

Stop looking at me, please.

A detail from the "Hell" side of the three panels.

So, overall great inspiration in color, form, style, theme, and even function.  While, if the plan stays at is is, you won't "see" much of this painting in the final display, you should definitely feel it.  

Until next time!