Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Love Devours All - Adepticon 2015 Blog Part 1 - An Ogrish Reformation

Hey everyone!

Well, it looks like I have finally reached the point I need to do more...advanced planning.  So I have most of 2015 figured out, and invite you along.  This time, (at least at this point) an Ogre army.  The main challenges - make it bigger in scope than the throne, and much different from the Monty Python Ogres while still being relatively medieval, which you will see.  Let's kick it off with the overall display idea.

 Something similar to an altar like this will form the basis of the display.  The main problem is getting something genuine is going to be prohibitively expensive.  Building something would be possible but out of my skill set, at least with the year I have available.  It could be possible with a lot of prefab wooden elements to get close, but still difficult.  So my idea is to make something visually close enough to give the idea of an altar without actually being one.  But you have to walk before you can crawl, so let's move on for now.

On top of the "altar" along with a lot of brass and candles - a half devoured, half rotten "still life" of various foods, fruits, and animals.  Center, a roast pig. 

Over most of the food and crumbling finally over the pigs head at a cliff, a stone walkway over which the procession of Ogres march.

Left and right are visually what I would like to achieve with the units of ogres, the mercenaries or state troops as it were.

The bellowing Butcher.  Leading the army over the cliff with a tall staff of Ogrish office.

And of course, the "Tyrant" himself!

Some more random inspirational images.  Really going for that chiaroscuro, old color look.  

Heavy metal video, meets classical painting, meets Warhammer Ogres.

I really like these billowing, flamboyant getups.

So, this is the basic framework with which to work.  Now, on to further brainstorming!  See you soon!